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History Overview of IBM Lotus Notes Versions

When we talk about complex yet successful software then the only name we come across is Lotus Notes. The successful legacy of Notes involves a rich and interesting history. In this article we will come across various versions of Lotus Notes and understand about the technology up-gradation during these development phases. The early development of Lotus Notes even predates the development of personal computers. The first program was written in University of Illinois in Computer based Education Research Laboratory. The Lab released a product called PLATO Notes which has limited functionalities. The main purpose of PLATO Notes was to tag a bug report with the user’s ID and the date, also objective of Notes was to secure the file so that other user could not delete it. Later in 1976 Lab released PLATO Group Notes, which have almost the same concept of PLATO Notes.

However it allows user to create personal Notes files which are organized by the subject. It also allows user to create access lists, anonymous notes and director message flags. It also supports multiplayer games and can mark comments in a document. Because of the abovementioned features PLATO Notes became widely popular and sustained till 1980s. Soon after this, world acknowledged IBM PC and Microsoft MS-DOS, hence mainframe based PLATO became less in demand. In 1984, Ozzie under the contract which is also funded by Lotus developed the first release of Lotus Notes. The initial most versions of the Lotus Notes included emails, contact, database and online discussion.  However there were two major issue available that inhibited user from enjoy the concept emailing technology to the fullest. The first issue was communication network, which was not uniform and fast, the second reason was the underdeveloped or less capable Operating System. Due to these reasons developers decided to use Lotus Notes as a PIM or personal information manager. In-order to cope up with those situations the developers had to write a lot of code at system level. The code was written to develop entities like Server and databases.

After sometime the Notes got a nick name groupware, which refers to an application that enhance communication process among groups of people. The group was capable enough to set up a dedicated Server device that can easily communicate with other group’s server machine. The Server machine transfer data through replicated data which has several other copies on different machines. The Notes just easily synchronizes them which facilitates the users or co workers working in different branches. Let us analyze the various versions of Lotus Notes:

Version 1.0
The first version of Lotus Notes was shipped in 1989, the system requirement was DOS 3.1 or OS/2. The Server required DOS 3.1, 4.0 or OS/2. This version provided applications like Group Mail, Group Discussion and Group Phone Book.  Security and authenticity is the top priority of Notes, even in the first version they introduced RSA public key cryptography which satisfy the recipient that during transmission document was not altered or modified. It was the first commercial product to use any cryptographic technology for security purpose. The introduction of Dial up driver made the server access more interactive.

Version 1.1

The above stated version was not a feature release, in-fact it was first enhancement set made on Lotus Notes. The sole purpose of this release was to support more operating system and it indeed got successful in doing that. Also the application started supporting Windows 3.0 which was considered as a biggest achievement.

Version 2.0
The main objective of this version was to attain scalability, it was released in 1991. Initially Lotus Notes was preferred for small scale organizations, hence the developer focus to enhance it so that it can become feasible with large number of users. The rich text support was available with this version, also additional functions were included. User is allowed to have multiple names and address books, also one can forward documents from mail. The availability of larger database made the application look more promising. 

Version 3.0

At the time when Lotus Note released version 3.0, almost 500,000 users were already engaged with it. The interface was modified and the application support Full text search feature. The sorting and filter mechanism was also included that eased the user up-to great extent. It also supports Apple Talk networks and Macintosh clients. Also the features like alternate email capability, selective replication, a server for Windows operating system enhanced the scalability of the application.

Version 4.0  

Lotus Notes released version 4.0 in January 1996 and on the basis of feedback obtain from the user the developer made noticeable changes in the user interface.  A programming language known as Lotus Notes was included in Lotus Notes. The new three paned interface categorized mail and other entities that reduced the confusion. The entire interface was launched for the server administrators. The in-built internet integration included Web browser which can be accessed with Notes database. With the introduction of IDE (Integrated development environment), Infoboxes and templates enhanced application development and programmability.

Version 4.5

With this version Lotus Notes 4.5 server’s name was changed to Domino 4.5. The server possesses open networking environment with capability of developing application for Lotus Notes. It also provided wide range of business solutions for Intra and Internet. The inclusion of new database management tools, cluster of Domino server, directory assistance and enhancement in administration process has made this new version much successful. The feature of security that includes control list and password expiration policy made the application much secure.

Version 5.0

The version 5.0 was released in early 1999, it was known as descendent of version 1.0 as the architecture was backward compatible. The collaboration of Notes and Internet gave a new platform to the user so that they can enhance the business opportunity. The version supported fairly more Internet protocols and included an access to data stored in Notes database. The Domino administration became much easier because of enhanced registration, server monitoring and message management tools. The Internet messaging and directories included MIME and SMTP support. The accessibility of private and public data became much easier in time of urgency. The Internet messaging was involved with having support for all major Internet standards

Version 6.0

The version was launched with a wizard capable of customizing Welcome page. However the preview pane is similar to standard Notes databases. The version was launched in October 2002 and capable of doing more process in affordable price. The Lotus Domino designer was highly helpful in creating complex applications and in reusing the codes, which gradually saved time.

Version 6.5

IBM launched Lotus Notes and Domino 6.5 in September 2003, the version was strongly integrated with other IBM technologies. It was compatible with IBM Lotus Same time an instant messaging application and IBM Lotus Domino Web Access. The focus was depended upon the feedback provided by the end user in-order to make the application much acceptable.

The version 7 known as Lotus Notes/Domino 7 was released in August 2005. This version was compatible with lots of IBM developed technologies. The integrated technology included IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM DB2, due to this Lotus Domino 7 offered better collaboration with Web standards. The introduction of new Domino Domain Monitoring feature facilitates the administrator to look upon the status of multiple servers available across a domain or domains. Due these features the mechanism of client server architecture improved a lot providing much faster process of information sharing.

Version 8.0
The aforementioned is an image of the interface of Lotus Notes 8, which was launched in August 2007. This email client application was based upon Eclipse framework. The eclipse application can be used in collaboration with Lotus Notes application. The Lotus Notes has become an open sourced Java based platform because of eclipse. The concept of button was introduced for the applications that are used most frequently. The activity centering computing is supported by the latest version IBM Lotus Notes. The collaboration history allows user to search and view information about the specific users.

The above discussed were some important features related to various versions of IBM Lotus Notes. But most of the user favors MS Outlook over Lotus Notes. Let us find out why despite of having a great legacy IBM Lotus Notes is not top priority of the users:
  • The Notes is comparatively tough application than MS Outlook. User has to go through training program in-order to become fluent with the Notes technology.
  •  The installation and maintenance cost of Notes is much higher than MS Outlook.
  •  The IBM Lotus Notes is best suited for large organizations on the other hand MS Outlook is for all whether the user belongs to small firm or large.
  •  The IBM Lotus Notes is developed using highly complex technology that always troubles users for even minor processing.
On considering aforementioned point user plans to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. But direct migration of files from Notes to Outlook is not possible because the former saves files in NSF format and the later one in PST or OST format. Therefore the only solution is to go for reliable and authentic third party NSF to PST converter tool.

One such recommended tool is Stellar NSF to PST converter tool that can easily convert all the Notes data in Outlook supported format. The demo version of the tool is available at the respective website of the tool. Visit Website -

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Why To Priorities Outlook over Notes ?

Both, Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes are professional email client applications. However Outlook has a bigger hand in terms of popularity. Let us find out with the help of "Outlook vs Lotus Notes Infographic" that what are the reasons behind the success of Outlook and the failure of Lotus Notes.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Remove Notes file truncation error using adroit recovery tool

Lotus Notes is an efficient email client application developed by widely popular organization known as IBM. The Lotus Notes client application is in collaboration with Domino Server. The interesting aspect of Lotus Notes and Domino Server is that they both share .nsf file formatting. This feature facilitates the user as the hectic and confusing task of file management is quite simple using the respective Client-Server application.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Recover Lotus Notes NSF file Database after NSF file Corruption

Lotus Notes is one of the most trendy and secure email clients used in big organizations. Lotus Notes keeps the entire email database in NSF file. Lotus Notes is the creation of IBM; because of that user can trust this application blindly. 

This email application works in correlation with Domino Server that guarantees the safety of Notes data. Lotus Notes as an email client includes the following components:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recovering corrupt NSF was not easy, until been through this

A Notes storage facility of Lotus Notes is commonly known as NSF files. The NSF files are used for storing emails and other vital data of Lotus Notes and Domino Server application. Lotus Notes is well known email client application which is used in collaboration with Domini Server. The application helps user to create address book, calendars, instant messaging, discussion groups and many more useful features. The NSF files are highly secure files as it is encrypted with latest algorithm that inhibits any unauthorized access. Nevertheless, the NSF files are not secure enough in terms of corruption related issues. Like any other data file, NSF formatted files are also prone to number of threats. Let us have a look over possible threats associated with NSF file corruption:-

“Reason and remedy for NSF error 0x1A5”

IBM developed Lotus Notes, an adroit email client application in year 1989. It acts as an integrated email client application that collaborates with IBM Domino Server. The staunch email application allows user to access business emails, applications, attachments, contacts, appointments, events, tasks, journals, and calendars. The Lotus Notes application is widely compatible and can work flawlessly on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac. Lotus Notes and Domino Server both store files in the form of NSF format. Lotus Notes consists of a distinguished feature of application development hence it is also compared to Microsoft SharePoint. The user friendly interface of Notes allows this application the functionality to access, store and present data in safe and secure environment. However there are multiple ways by which Notes NSF files get malfunctioned. In this article I would like to draw a light upon one of the common situations when Lotus Notes user finds difficulty while accessing NSF data.    

Monday, September 30, 2013

Remove RRV bucket corruption using NSF recovery tool

Lotus Notes is a well known IBM’s email client application. The tool is used for both business and personal information management. The application manages user’s mailbox data in NSF format. Due to highly complex and advance mechanism process, lots of error related events are associated with Notes. There are numerous ways which led to the Notes NSF files corruption. If we discus superficially the reason for corruptions are dirty shutdown of system, Incompatibility, NSF file header corruption, malfunctioning of application and virus or Trojan attack on files. The above discussed reasons were very general and also they have simple and well known solutions. Hence lets us discuss a rare and troublesome error which is caused by damaging of RRV bucket.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Major recovery option for extreme NSF corruption

IBM Lotus Notes is a crucial emailing client application that performs all the vital functions like messaging, calendaring, scheduling etc. Apart from general emailing features Lotus Notes possess a unique feature related to file security. Still Notes is not favoured by users like MS Outlook. It is true that Notes offer wide range of functionalities to the user than Outlook. But the technical complexity and high installation and maintenance cost repels most of the user to accept it. Due to highly advance and critical technology Lotus Notes consists of wide range of error events that may harm the crucial data of the user. Let us consider a practical scenario where user confronts with Lotus Notes error. Sometime user faces an error message while trying to start Domino Server:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Lotus Notes Errors & Their Recovery

Some Lotus Notes Errors & Their Recovery Many times it happens while working on Notes user has to face different type of error messages. Here we are going to discuss some of them. Most of the cases reported to IBM Support are caused by OS-related issues:-

 • “Lotus Notes is trying to recover your information":- Actually this is not basically a Lotus notes error. This comes from the Window operating system. Once this error occurs, notes2.exe is usually terminated. Starting in Notes 8.5, if notes2.exe is terminated, the nlnotes.exe process will panic, and generate the NSD.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to Get Rid of Damage Lotus Notes Via Software

Many time we entangle such types of errors that we assume not in our dream while working on Notes Server. When we start to troubleshoot database corruption, we must keep some points in our mind it will be beneficial for us only. The following are examples of corruption events:

“Server crashes, particularly without transaction logging enabled”

Lotus Notes Recovery And It's Error Message

Lotus Notes was developed by IBM in 1989. Till now IBM has launched 6 versions of Lotus Notes and the latest one is 8.5.3 which was released in October 2011. The functionality increases in Lotus Notes like to send/receive emails, manage contacts, notes, conduct voice and video conferencing, online meetings, discussions, etc. Unlike Outlook, Lotus Notes stores all the data in NSF format. This NSF file is called “Notes Storage Facility”. Lotus Notes works with the Domino server. If user makes some changes in offline mode then Lotus Notes synchronizes with Domino Server as soon as connection becomes available. Every mailbox in NSF has multiple files like outbox.nsf, inbox.nsf etc. and the contact addresses are stored as names.nsf.

Lotus Notes “Can Not Allocate Space Error” With Its Solution

IBM Lotus Notes is a popular email client that runs in collaboration with Domino Server. NSF files are the database files that store all the user information such as user data, meta data and design information. NSF (Notes Storage Facility) files are hosted by Lotus Domino Servers for a collaborative email environment.

Corruption in the NSF file is a commonplace issue that compells a user to perform Lotus Notes Recovery. A common error message encountered at the times of NSF file corruption is:

Lotus Notes Errors, corruption reasons and its Recovery

About Lotus Notes:-  Lotus Notes basically is the product of IBM System group. It is not developed by IBM but owned from Lotus Development Corporation in 1989. This IBM product is very easy to handle and has single point to access everything not only from the computer but also business applications like emails, attachments, calendar events, feeds and much more within no time.

IBM Lotus Notes facilitates many features such as email, calendars, to do lists, contacts management, team rooms, discussion forums, file sharing, micro blogging, instant messaging, blogs and user directories.  It works not only as a client but also Sever side application. In this collaborative client server application IBM lotus Notes is the client side and IBM Domino is Server side.
Lotus Notes Error Messages:-

Sometimes due to corruption or virus attacks, error messages are encountered in Lotus Notes. Few of the common Lotus Notes errors are:-

  •     Lotus Notes error: 'You are not authorized to the database for user's local mail file
  •     Your current ID does not specify an Internet certificate for signing
  •     Lotus Notes 8 migration error: 'Database has not been opened yet
  •     Database error: 'Database Corrupt -- Cannot Allocate Space
  •     Lotus Notes access error: 'database is not opened yet
  •     Black Berry Intellisync error: 'Please see log for details.
  •     Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time
  •     Error message when creating agent: 'Error creating product object
  •     The object store that is used by this note was not found
  •     Lotus Notes: Error 0x1A5
  •     Domino server error message:' Entry Not Found in Index

Lotus Notes Corruption Reason:- The NSF file that is used to store data collectively resides on running Domino Server in a consistent state. When anybody applies any operation to retrieve data some of the operations do not complete properly. This becomes the cause of bringing NSF file in inconsistent state. So, there are in flight transactions that are not committed. This could generate runtime faults (code defects and/or in memory corruption) leading to a condition where a database cannot be properly flushed and/or it crashes.

When NSF file is in a consistent state on a running Domino server, it means it has a piece of data that is corrupt in structure or content (due to a defect or system problem). This is one of the forms of software defect.

An NSF file that is in a consistent state on a down Domino Server then has a piece of data that is corrupt in structure or content (a utility outside the scope of Domino). Afore stated are the main reasons that all are responsible for the Lotus Notes database corruption and later on become the reason for NSF file damage also.

In such a case you can use the following commands:-

  •     nfixup :-Corrects corrupted views and documents.
  •     nupdall -r :- Rebuilds all used views and fixes corrupted views and full-text indices. This task is resource intensive.
  •     ncompact -c :- Can fix database corruption.
  •     Re-start the Lotus Domino Server.

If the issue is still not resolved then install Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery software that is fit for almost every version of the Lotus Notes and comes at an affordable rate.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to deal with Lotus Notes 32k Error

I feel very irritated when I am working on Lotus Notes very sincerely and because of one error message all my work halts. But what anyone can do? There is no control on these error messages that can occur due to sudden power failure, database connection error, virus attack issues, software and hardware problems etc.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On line Procedure to Retrieve Data on Lotus Notes

As we all know that it is a computer world and all our whether precious or non essential work is done on computers. To execute this task we need a Client- Server application. And when we talk about such an application suddenly a thought about Lotus-Domino server comes on our mind. It is because it has so many terrific features so any organization no matter big or small can’t prevent itself to work on such a mind blowing application.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Transaction Logs is Perfect Medium for Lotus Notes Recovery

Sometimes when we work on Lotus Notes, we get surrounded with many unknown errors. So we should know how these errors can be removed on the spot. Here we are going to discuss one specific error as mentioned below along with its solution.

Case:-(Applying DR operation)
When we accomplish recovery operation with full backup set, it shows status of recovery completed successfully. However, in case of point in time recovery via transaction log which is applied after full backup it shows the message of recovery failure and Lotus Notes crashes.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lotus Notes error:- “Object Variable not set”

Lotus Notes is a client server application that includes address book, emails, calendaring and scheduling, web server and programming, attachments and many more components.

Sometimes when you open Lotus Notes client you find the following error message on the screen:-
Object Variable not set”

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Execute Maintenance Task For Lotus Notes Recovery

For the Lotus Notes user it becomes difficult to maintain database due to its bigger size. Because of huge database running maintenance task can be the way to protect our database from corruption not only in current time but also for future. Database should regularly be updated by running this task but the only problem is you have to run it manually and can’t automate it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lotus Notes: Very Common Issues

While working with Lotus Notes, user has to face very little but problematic issues that may halt his work.
We are going to discuss some of them here:-

Issue 1:- Suppose user wants to create a lotus notes client on a new computer for a user that already has account but not on the server.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lotus Notes Error: Type mismatch on external name

Lotus Notes is a collaborative client server application. Earlier it was created by Lotus Development Corporation in 1989 but later on it was obtained by IBM. This client server platform is supported by Domino Server.

Generally all client-server applications are specially designed for email communication but IBM Lotus Notes is programmed not only for this but also add-ins, add-ons, widgets, plug-ins and more, such as document management systems, discussion forums, and various types of other business applications.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing Software to Recover NSF File

In this present time email communication is required for every business, no matter it is small company or big enterprise. For this you need a communication platform like Lotus Notes. IBM Lotus Notes simplified the access of electronic mails, personal journal, to-do list, contact list and vital attachments. Several instances occur when you sign in to your Lotus Notes, but you are not able to log in and get the message as follows:-

You are not authorized to perform that operation
You are not authorized to access that database

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lotus Notes Error:-”Invalid Character in File Name”

Developed by IBM, Lotus Notes is a famous email client server application that work with Domino Server.It facilitate user for emails, database management and productivity. Stand alone IBM Lotus Notes provide secured access to web enabled application and standard web browsing for Lotus Domino Server on Unix, Linux, AIX platform and windows.

Sometimes times it happens when you are working on Lotus Notes, various error occurred due to unknown reason. As a result database become inaccessible to you. In such situation mainly “Invalid Character in File Name” error occurs.