Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Execute Maintenance Task For Lotus Notes Recovery

For the Lotus Notes user it becomes difficult to maintain database due to its bigger size. Because of huge database running maintenance task can be the way to protect our database from corruption not only in current time but also for future. Database should regularly be updated by running this task but the only problem is you have to run it manually and can’t automate it.

Following problems are associated that may occur while running this task:-

File is truncated - This error shows that you didn't restore the database correctly, you need to restore database again if it is possible.

File does not exist – It means you have made a mistake in inundation of the path to archive files.

File is being used - It imply that you didn't close Lotus Notes and the Lotus Notes client is still connected to the database. So close Lotus Notes and run the batch file, For this you will have to enter their Lotus Notes password three times.

To run this task manually you have to follow these steps:-
  • First thing you need to ensure that the Archive database is not opened in the Lotus Notes client.
  • You need to save Archive Maintenance.cmd7 to the user’s desktop.
  • Then go to File menu, click Edit and Update the batch file with the user's archive details. Two cases are possible for Archive database location. First one is,
  • If the archive is in the default location, replace XXXX.nsf with the name of the archive database name.

    (eg. "%userprofile%\LocalSettings\ApplicationData\Lotus\Notes\Data\archive\a_s26920.nsf")
    And the second is If the archive file is not in the default location, change the entire path.
    (eg. "F:\Lotus Notes Archive\a_s26920.nsf").
  • Then Save and Close.
  • And then double click the file to run the maintenance tasks.
    (There are three tasks that run on the archive database. There is a pause between each task to allow you to check it has been successful > press enter to continue.)
  • When it complete, the batch file will automatically close. Open the archive file as per normal.
Above steps must work in case of NSF file recovery but if it fails then you can go for third party tool if you are facing some corruption problem in Lotus Notes.

One of my friend used Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery tool and he found it good. It is perfectly suitable for damaged Lotus Notes database and recovers all damaged emails, files and folders very easily. This professional utility is much compatible to recover NSF file. It is highly supportable with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000 and NT (SP6). Free demo version of this software is available, so before buying you can try this.