Monday, September 30, 2013

Remove RRV bucket corruption using NSF recovery tool

Lotus Notes is a well known IBM’s email client application. The tool is used for both business and personal information management. The application manages user’s mailbox data in NSF format. Due to highly complex and advance mechanism process, lots of error related events are associated with Notes. There are numerous ways which led to the Notes NSF files corruption. If we discus superficially the reason for corruptions are dirty shutdown of system, Incompatibility, NSF file header corruption, malfunctioning of application and virus or Trojan attack on files. The above discussed reasons were very general and also they have simple and well known solutions. Hence lets us discuss a rare and troublesome error which is caused by damaging of RRV bucket.

The RRV bucket is known as Record Relocation Vector, which acts as a pointer of specific NoteID in Lotus Notes database. Now the scenario is when user opens email then RRV bucket locates the respective Note identity in the Notes database. In case the RRV bucket gets corrupted then it fails to fetch any object identity. Encountering this, an error message pops up stating:
                                                  “RRV bucket is corrupt”.

•    The probable cause can be corruption of bookmark or icons.
•    Issue in template based database may also lead to the corruption.
•    Corruption of archived database also led to RRV bucket corruption.

•    Rename the desktop5.dsk (R5) file.
•    Change the design of Lotus Notes database on different Email Server application.
•    Restore the mail file from the available backup of file.

The above mentioned resolutions steps are just a title of long and complex recovery steps. Hence it is not advisable to the normal and novice users to follow it. Apart from that, user can check RRV bucket corruption issues by taking help of third party Lotus Notes recovery tool. Such tools are simple and easy to use, also they provide result instantly and accurately. Due to high competition there are large numbers of recovery tools available in the market, but only some of them are certified and trusted brand. Hence user should perform through research while buying the product. On the personal behalf I recommend Stellar’s product as it is engaged in data recovery from past 20 years and also it is certified Microsoft Gold partner.
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