Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lotus Notes Recovery – An Overview

Today, almost all organizations, whether it is big or small, prefer email communication and to do this task more effectively they usually use email clients. One of the popular email clients among a long list is IBM Lotus Notes. This email client provides a secure and complete email communication, facility to maintain list of contacts, and other various options for information management. Thus, this flawless and efficient email client saves all the data in .NSF file. However, despite of advantageous emailing option without data loss provided by Lotus Notes, there are times when it heads to corruption. Therefore, at this situation when Lotus Notes or NSF files got corrupt, opting for third-party Lotus Notes recovery software can do the needful.

There are various reasons which lead to NSF file corruption, some of which may include:

• Abrupt system shutdown while Lotus Notes email application is running.
• Unexpected Lotus Notes application shut down leads to NSF file header corruption.
• Sometimes virus infection to the system also leads to NSF file corruption.
• Various issues with operating system or file system sometimes lead to NSF file corruption.
• Checksum mismatch also leads to NSF file corruption.

However, despite of the reason of NSF file corruption, if you opt for efficient third-party NSF file recovery software then you will for sure get back all your emails, contacts, attachments, etc. These tools repair damaged NSF files and thus recover all your Lotus Notes components. One of the highly efficient and user friendly software for this category is Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery.

The software repairs corrupt NSF files to restore Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x objects. The software supports recovery of emails, attachments, OLE objects, Java applets, etc and provides the preview of the repairable NSF objects. Moreover, the software restores the repaired items at new usable NSF file to any disk which is visible to the host computer. Thus, the software supports IBM Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server2003, XP, 2000, and NT.

So, what are you waiting for, just opt for this utility and repair your corrupt/damaged NSF file and recover all its objects!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recover Vital Lotus Notes Data post corruption using NSF File Recovery tools

Lotus Notes is an extensively deployed email client for both small and large business establishments. The key features of Lotus Notes application are emails, calendar, PIM, instant messaging and web browsing. Developed by IBM, Lotus Notes work in conjunction with Domino Servers for a collaborative working environment. Lotus Notes is a remarkable personal information manager which provides excellent features and functionalities designed for professional usage.

Lotus Notes store data in the Notes Storage Facility (NSF) file format. The data is stored in units called 'notes'. These notes store business information as well as mail and calendar data collaboratively. Lotus Notes NSF file is the repository for user data and information and has added ability to replicate and compress for enhanced security. However, just like other email applications Lotus Notes also faces the heat of corruption.

A common error message encountered at the time of NSF file corruption is:

Error full text indexing : Full text index Corrupt, Try to Delete and Re-add Index


After such error message is encountered all the NSF file data becomes inaccessible. Vital emails, calendar entries, attachments, appointments and contacts are lost owing to the database corruption. NSF file corruption can result from multiple factors such as virus attack, NSF file header corruption, application related issues, power failure (dirty shutdown), checksum mismatch, operating system errors and incompatibility issues.


An efficacious resolve would be Lotus Notes Recovery using an updated backup. But if there is no backup available to recover data then the only solution left is to go for a reliable third party software to reover data from the corrupt NSF file. A number of NSF file recovery tools are available in the market today that can repair the damaged or corrupted NSF file and recover corresponding NSF files from it easily. While recovery, these powerful tools preserve the original formating of the Lotus Notes files.

One such adroit tool is “Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery”. This software repairs corrupt NSF files of Lotus Notes versions 7.x and 6.x. All the vital emails, contacts, notes, journals, attachments, calendar etc. are recovered from the damaged Notes file efficiently. After recovery, the software creates a new NSF file with all the recovered data at a user specified location. The demo version of this preeminent NSF File Recovery tool is available for download which offers the preview of first 5 items per folder.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is Lotus Notes Database Corruption taking its tool on you? Perform Lotus Notes Recovery

IBM Lotus Notes is a popular email client that runs in collaboration with Domino Server. NSF files are the database files that store all the user information such as user data, meta data and design information. NSF (Notes Storage Facility) files are hosted by Lotus Domino Servers for a collaborative email environment.

Corruption in the NSF file is a commonplace issue that compells a user to perform Lotus Notes Recovery. A common error message encountered at the times of NSF file corruption is:

Database Fixup: Started
**** DbMarkCorruptAgain (SB two copies are corrupt), DB = f: \ pmktfiling2009.nsf T ID = [:0002-0DA4 0D14] dbsuper.c File = Line = 398 ***
22/05/2009 12:30:15 Failed base Fixup f: \ pmktfiling2009.nsf: Database
is corrupt – can not allocate space
22/05/2009 00:30:15 Database Fixup: Shutdown

Grounds of the problem:

The aforesaid error is the result of NSF file corruption due to unexpected system shutdown owing to a power failure, NSF file header corruption, checksum mismatch, compatibility issues, virus attack and file system or operating system issues. NSF file corruption renders all the cardinal data stored on that file as inaccessible creating a situation of data loss. No matter how many times the NSF file is accessed, the same annoying error messages flashes on the screen.


If you are bugged by the problem of Lotus Notes database corruption, then NSF file recovery is possible through an updated backup. In case, an updated backup is not available all is not lost. Tons of third party software are available online that can perform Lotus Notes Recovery for almost all the major versions of IBM Lotus Notes.

Though Lotus Notes require expertise to be handled and recovering the entire database is not as easy as ABC, but the commercial third party software available out there are capable of performing NSF file recovery in a simplified manner. A reliable tool is “Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery”. This powerful software repairs the damaged NSF files and recovers vital data such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries etc. as a new NSF file while keeping the original format intact. This tool successfully recovers lost style sheets, OLE objects, Java applets etc. This dexterous Lotus Notes Recovery utility supports Lotus Notes versions 7.x and 6.x. Recovery is carried out in 3 simple steps: Select, Scan and Save.