Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Lotus Notes Errors & Their Recovery

Some Lotus Notes Errors & Their Recovery Many times it happens while working on Notes user has to face different type of error messages. Here we are going to discuss some of them. Most of the cases reported to IBM Support are caused by OS-related issues:-

 • “Lotus Notes is trying to recover your information":- Actually this is not basically a Lotus notes error. This comes from the Window operating system. Once this error occurs, notes2.exe is usually terminated. Starting in Notes 8.5, if notes2.exe is terminated, the nlnotes.exe process will panic, and generate the NSD.

• “Cannot open NSF database file saved from lotus notes”:- When user is not able to access the local notes mail or database file or in other words the NSF (Notes Storage Files) is unable to open. There is chance of this type of problem. This problem occurs due to corruption in the database and leads to misspecification of the space. After conceiving this problem, the lotus notes users are unable to read the data and one can say that it becomes fully inaccessible.

• “Invalid character in file name”: This situation arises due to corruption of the database in lotus notes (the internal settings of the database) and damages the lotus notes document. Mainly it arises due to log archiving activity.

• “Error occurs while opening the Window”: This error arises due to consistency problem. It means NSF files will not access until the consistency check is cleared. •

“Oversize database”: The lotus notes database should not increase its size limitation. It means no space should be left unused, otherwise it leads to inefficiency of the database.

 By the way there are many other errors left which lead to the corruption of the database. Here we are going to mention some of the steps or tips that may be useful in such scenario:-

• Select the button “Run” from the start menu. Now write the command “Killnotes.exe” and then click on enter button with Lotus Notes Files. After completion of this process, install Lotus Notes.
 • You can also fix inaccessible views and documents through the option Fix up. The problems of corruption can also be fixed by using Compact with c-option.
 • Click Shift+F9 to re-create all the database views.
 • To recover the corruption you can also make the database replica.
 • Easily get the data back through the use of latest and updated backup available.

If these steps don’t work properly then you can switch to any third party tool like Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery Tool. This tool is helpful to recover all important data like emails, attachments, contacts, calendar events, etc from damaged database. This NSF File recovery utility comes with easy to handle guidelines that help to install this software in your system.