Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NSF File Recovery for the error “Unable to initialize VSE Engine”

IBM Lotus Notes database becomes corrupt due to several issues such as operating system or file system issues, NSF file header corruption, attack by a virus or malicious program, checksum mismatch, abrupt Lotus Notes termination or power outage. When the Lotus Notes users are confronted with the heat of corruption, they often fear loss of cardinal data and information. However, there is no need to panic as with the technological advancements Lotus Notes Recovery is now as easy as a,b,c.


Often the Lotus Notes users when trying to access their mails encounter an error messsage that says:

Unable to initialize VSE Engine

No matter how many attempts are made to access the NSF file data, each time the same error message pops up. Thus, all the user data stored in the NSF file becomes unusable.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lotus Notes Recovery under the instances of abrupt power outages

Lotus Notes have NSF file as a repository for all the business information. The NSF database file contains all the user data, meta data and design information. Originally created by Lotus Development Corporation, Lotus Notes was later on acquired by IBM. Lotus Notes is a popular email client application that includes business emails, calendar, tasks, feeds contact management and much more.

Analogous to other business email applications, Lotus Notes feels the heat of database corruption or damage under various circumstances. This creates a situation of data loss and stands in need for Lotus Notes Recovery.