Monday, March 19, 2012

Troubleshooting Lotus Notes Error “File Cannot be Created”

An integral part of business processes is its communication. For a collaborative, real time working environment one of the most efficient email cilents deployed extensively is IBM Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is a popular email client application similar to Microsoft's Outlook and is a favorite among copious large and small enterprises.

Just like the other email applications, Lotus Notes is also not free from errors and corruptions. Under these circumstances, the primary resolve is to perform Lotus Notes Recovery using the following utilities:

Fixup -f
Compact- i -c -d -K
Updall -R

But some errors are resolved through these utilities. While working on Lotus Notes often an error message saying “File Cannot be Created” pops up when the user tries to access the emails and data. The aforestated error message is encountered when there is an application memory leak or application resource conflict.

In order to resolve this error, delete the cash.ndk file and relaunch Lotus Notes. Often times this does not seem to be a permanent resolve for many users. If the problem reappears, then it could be a case of corruption. Perform the following steps for Lotus Notes Recovery:

1.Quit Lotus Notes.
2.Open Tools -> Folder Options -> Select the View tab and under hidden files and folders check “Show Hidden files and folders” check box.
3.Search for Notes.Data.* directory.
4.Delete this and relaunch the Notes application.

This will remove the corrupt file or directory to resolve the error. If somehow the issue is not resolved, then, don't panic. Professional third party utilities such as “Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery” are available. This powerful tool can repair and restore the Lotus Notes database file for all major versions of Notes and is easy to use. The scan information can be saved to carry out the recovery process at a later time. The software preserves the file formatting of the emails and messages during recovery.

This is an adroit NSF file recovery tool that can restore all the emails, contacts, notes, journals, attachments, calendar items etc. The demo version of the software offers a preview of the first five items per folder and supports Lotus Notes versions 7.x and 6.x. This utility is designed with compatibility for Windows7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000 and NT (SP6).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hassle free Lotus Notes Recovery is now your cup of tea

A popular business email application is Lotus Notes by IBM and the server is Lotus Domino. Lotus Notes includes all business appplications such as emails, attachments, notes, calendar, contacts management, instant messaging and more. Both the Lotus Notes client application and Domino Server store the database in the form of .NSF file. Lotus Notes facilitates integration with other capabilities such as voice and video conferencing, blogs, forums and online meetings which has earned it a major user base in the corporate world.