Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lotus Notes Error:-”Invalid Character in File Name”

Developed by IBM, Lotus Notes is a famous email client server application that work with Domino Server.It facilitate user for emails, database management and productivity. Stand alone IBM Lotus Notes provide secured access to web enabled application and standard web browsing for Lotus Domino Server on Unix, Linux, AIX platform and windows.

Sometimes times it happens when you are working on Lotus Notes, various error occurred due to unknown reason. As a result database become inaccessible to you. In such situation mainly “Invalid Character in File Name” error occurs.

Possible Cause:-

This error occurs when you are creating a new database file (or a database copy or replica), and the file name or path that you entered contains invalid characters.


Following steps are required to resolve this error:-

First launch IBM Lotus Notes 6.x.

* After launching open inbox then select the “Actions” option from the Notes command menu.

* Now from the drop down menu, select
“Archive” and then select “Settings”.

* After it, Click the
Advanced tab.
Make sure the file path under the option “Log all” archiving activity into a log database does not contain any non-alphanumeric characters.

* Because it is possible for non-alphanumeric characters to be part of a file name.

* For resolving this error click the Browse icon and then select the correct log database file name.

* This ensures that the correct file name is specified even if there are non-alphanumeric characters that are required as part of the file name.
* Now exit Lotus Notes database.

This method will help you to come out from this error.

Damaged Lotus notes requires help to repair or recover it with various utilities such as:-Fixup, Compact, update. These utilities are not 100 % perfect to retrieve corrupt data or can say not able to repair damaged Lotus Notes.

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