Friday, April 12, 2013

How to deal with Lotus Notes 32k Error

I feel very irritated when I am working on Lotus Notes very sincerely and because of one error message all my work halts. But what anyone can do? There is no control on these error messages that can occur due to sudden power failure, database connection error, virus attack issues, software and hardware problems etc.

Here we are taking one example of such type of an error that is responsible for the disturbance at work pace.

"Notes error: Field is too large (32k) or View's column & selection formulas are too large".

Reason:- Let me tell you why this error message pops up. This error occurs in a lotus script agent mainly in the situation when after receiving when user updates a document and processes a xml response from a web service. The problem will be at field level till the agent is not interrupted with changing views or view selection formulas.

Other Cause:- Normally adding more than 32k characters to a normal text field is the main reason behind the occurrence of 32k error but adding lots of fields to a form with field summary enabled can also cause this message.

Description with its default solution:- In the starting it shows that it occurs when user saves xml files in the attachments but it is not possible because format of attachments is RTF(rich text fields).

Basically this error happens when Notes Document Save method is called, not when any field extends its limit of 32 k. There are some fields that have limit of 32k that show the same message but there is no effect on converting them into RTF format.

At this moment it becomes a very troublesome situation when you have to find out the reason why this next 32k limit error occurs.

After some time it is brought to light that content of xml has repeating data in quantity. Not only this but also it contains a 700+ repeat resulting in 2800+ extra fields on the form.

Since this field summary is enable in the field section that's why this 32k message appears again and again. When I debug this again there is no such error message. Then to ensure that this 32k error does not) happen again I repeat this action by replacing these 4 fields per repeat and after this I took altogether these fields into one richtext field by using a richtext table.

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