Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Major recovery option for extreme NSF corruption

IBM Lotus Notes is a crucial emailing client application that performs all the vital functions like messaging, calendaring, scheduling etc. Apart from general emailing features Lotus Notes possess a unique feature related to file security. Still Notes is not favoured by users like MS Outlook. It is true that Notes offer wide range of functionalities to the user than Outlook. But the technical complexity and high installation and maintenance cost repels most of the user to accept it. Due to highly advance and critical technology Lotus Notes consists of wide range of error events that may harm the crucial data of the user. Let us consider a practical scenario where user confronts with Lotus Notes error. Sometime user faces an error message while trying to start Domino Server:

Error: "Lotus Notes: Error 0x1A5"
Description: The “Directory=” parameter may be missing from your notes.ini file. The value of this parameter should be set to the path of the data directory on the server.
Solution: The following steps should be implemented in-order to set the “Directory=” parameter in your notes.ini file.
  • Using WordPad or Notepad open the server notes.ini file.
  • Under the “NotesProgram=” line, add “Directory=<full path to your Domino data directory>” say: Directory=C:\Lotus\Domino\Data.
  • Save and close the notes.ini file and start the Domino Server.

The abovementioned error can also be observed while running a maintenance task like compact, fixup or updall on database. Solution for this particular scenario is bit different and discussed below:
  • Open command prompt.
  • Go to one of the portioned server’s data directory. Say C:\Lotus\Domino\Data1
  • Implement \<desired executable.exe><desired database><options> 

As we can see that both the scenarios generate same type of error message but they too depend upon different causes. Hence it becomes difficult for the user to rectify the problem even though he knows the solution. Such type of confusion occurs with highly complex technology, which can be tackled by only hardcore technical specialist. I am quite sure that most of the readers find themselves completely blank about the aforementioned recovery steps. Hence it is better to find simple and safe way to handle such disastrous situations. Opting third party Notes recovery tool is considered to be the best solution for such type of scenarios.
Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is a best solution for repairing corrupt Lotus Notes (NSF) files. The tool first track the corruption level then performs the repairing process and finally extract all the flawless Notes file in the Notes database. The software provides preview of all recoverable items before saving them. The software performs precise and authentic recovery of mail items. Free demo version of the tool is available at the respective website.