Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing Software to Recover NSF File

In this present time email communication is required for every business, no matter it is small company or big enterprise. For this you need a communication platform like Lotus Notes. IBM Lotus Notes simplified the access of electronic mails, personal journal, to-do list, contact list and vital attachments. Several instances occur when you sign in to your Lotus Notes, but you are not able to log in and get the message as follows:-

You are not authorized to perform that operation
You are not authorized to access that database

When you will get this message you will think that possibly you entered wrong id or password and this thing you will try with different ways. Problem is not with your log in id and password but the problem has some other cause. This situation is occurring due to insufficient authorization to access Notes Storage Facility (NSF).

Generally it happens that the administrator of Lotus Notes changes the security of NSF file with the help of Access Control List in order to stop unauthorized access. That is the reason you are not allow to access NSF file.

The way or method to resolve this problem is to contact administrator and ask him/her to provide you authorized access to the NSF file. If administrator is not available at a specific moment you can use economic Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery software for NSF file recovery.

Following are steps that are used in recovery process:-
  • To open software double click on software icon. A default window will open that allow you to select NFS file if you don't know the location then you can click on Find option.
  • After finding NSF file, click ok.
  • You can click on Change Destination option, if you want to change location of recovered NSF file. As soon as the recovery process starts there is no method to change the destination location.
  • To start scanning process for the recovery of NSF file click on Start button. Depening upon size of NSF file scanning time may vary from few minutes to some hours. This time variation depends on severity of corruption also.
  • All the scanning status will shown during the process, if you want to stop scanning you have to click on Stop button.
  • As scanning of NSF file for corruption will complete, Stellar NSF file Recovery box opens and shows the details of the entire recovery process. You can click 'OK' to close the dialog box. You can see the preview of the recovered components of the file.
This software is launched by Stellar that is the #1 company for all types of data recovery. This organization is Microsoft gold certified ISV partner and provides 100% guarantee about its product. This affordable NSF File recovery application is compatible for both 6.x and 7.x version of Lotus Notes.