Thursday, March 28, 2013

On line Procedure to Retrieve Data on Lotus Notes

As we all know that it is a computer world and all our whether precious or non essential work is done on computers. To execute this task we need a Client- Server application. And when we talk about such an application suddenly a thought about Lotus-Domino server comes on our mind. It is because it has so many terrific features so any organization no matter big or small can’t prevent itself to work on such a mind blowing application.

But many times it happens that a scenario comes in when you have to fight to save your essential data after the corruption. This corruption may occur due to:-

  1. Operating system problems
  2. Hard drive failure
  3. Suddenly damage of System software and hardware
  4. Virus Attack
  5. CRC or (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors
  6. Backup software malfunctioning
  7. Hardware and software malfunctions
  8. Unexpected power failure
  9. Checksum mismatch

In such a case you can use following methods for NSF File Recovery.

Procedure for Online Maintenance

For online maintenance, the same set of commands can be run used, except the "n" in front of the command is dropped as it is used in offline mode. But for online maintenance the command Load is needed. To run these commands you will need a Lotus Domino console. But one thing keep in your mind that running online maintenance as this can affect the performance of the server and you may be in very big problem.

One more thing that you must know that commands that you are running against the Black Berry Enterprise Server folder that is located within C:\Lotus\Domino\Data\ directory.

Following are the basics command that you can run while doing online maintenance:

  • The following Set of LOAD corrects corrupted views and documents in databases that are unopened, skipping the open databases.
          load fixup BES

  • Add the -o switch to take the databases off line and correct any corrupt views and documents.
  • The following Set of LOAD rebuilds all used views and fixes corrupted views and full-text indices. This task is resource intensive:
load updall -r BES

  • The following Set of LOAD can fix database corruption in basic level

   load compact -c BES

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