Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lotus Notes Recovery And It's Error Message

Lotus Notes was developed by IBM in 1989. Till now IBM has launched 6 versions of Lotus Notes and the latest one is 8.5.3 which was released in October 2011. The functionality increases in Lotus Notes like to send/receive emails, manage contacts, notes, conduct voice and video conferencing, online meetings, discussions, etc. Unlike Outlook, Lotus Notes stores all the data in NSF format. This NSF file is called “Notes Storage Facility”. Lotus Notes works with the Domino server. If user makes some changes in offline mode then Lotus Notes synchronizes with Domino Server as soon as connection becomes available. Every mailbox in NSF has multiple files like outbox.nsf, inbox.nsf etc. and the contact addresses are stored as names.nsf.

Now we come to some error messages taht comes often:-

Error: Invalid character in file name”

The above error stops you to do different operation like archiving of the files.


The root cause for the above error is that your name of the file or path of the file contains an invalid characters like non-alphanumeric character. Due to this reason it prompts above error message on the system screen.


Resolving such issue needs following steps. These steps prove beneficial to overcome above error message and are follows:

(1) Go to Notes command menu, different options will be shown. From the listed options, select the Actions from the menu. Do all the actions when your Inbox is open.

(2) From the drop down menu select Archive. Then go to Tools, select 'Archive Settings'.

(3) Choose the 'Advanced' tab.

(4) One condition is that the path of the file must not contain any non-alphanumeric characters in Log all archiving activity into log database.

(5) It is possible to include non-alphanumeric characters in a file name, use the Browse icon and take/pick out the correct log database file name. This tells that the file name chosen is up to mark or valid even it contains non-alphanumeric characters.

If this technique is not working then for the NSF file recovery you can use Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery Software that is perfect to recover data from the corrupted Notes Server and saved all information for the later use at user preffered location.