Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lotus Notes Error: Type mismatch on external name

Lotus Notes is a collaborative client server application. Earlier it was created by Lotus Development Corporation in 1989 but later on it was obtained by IBM. This client server platform is supported by Domino Server.

Generally all client-server applications are specially designed for email communication but IBM Lotus Notes is programmed not only for this but also add-ins, add-ons, widgets, plug-ins and more, such as document management systems, discussion forums, and various types of other business applications.
The Lotus Notes client can also be used as a desktop operation that easily systematizes and arranges databases on the local workstation of user. The physical database files can be stored either on the workstation itself or on a server. Generally Notes client consists of icons of local databases as well as many databases that exists on one or several Notes servers. All of these icons can be grouped together, so that the distinction between local and remote data becomes immaterial.

While working on Lotus Notes many times it happens, that suddenly a error message appears on screen such as:-

In such cases possible Lotus Notes recovery can be done in following ways:-

Solution 1:-
  • Open the user's mail file in Domino Designer.
    Select Tools.
    Select Recompile All Lotus Script.
Solution 2:-
  • Delete the script library, "ACLManager", and then do a File --> Database --> Replace Design on the mail50.ntf template.
    Delete the cache.dsk and desktop.dsk files in the Data directory and restart Notes.
Solution 3:-
  • Open your archive, and then go to File menu, Application, Replace Design.
    In the Replace Design dialog box, Select "Mail (R8.5) or your Template" and then click Replace.
    Wait until complete.
Restart the Lotus Notes.

Solution 4:-
  • Open the mail file in Lotus® Domino® Designer.
    Select Shared Code.
    Select Script Libraries.
    Select CSEventNotes and delete it.
    Replace the design on the mail file.
Or even if the error is not resolved then take the help of professional third party tool like Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery that is very simple to install. This superb NSF File recovery software comes in three license versions and provides perfect recovery of corrupted data within no time and applicable for Lotus Notes 7.x and 6.x versions.