Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to Get Rid of Damage Lotus Notes Via Software

Many time we entangle such types of errors that we assume not in our dream while working on Notes Server. When we start to troubleshoot database corruption, we must keep some points in our mind it will be beneficial for us only. The following are examples of corruption events:

“Server crashes, particularly without transaction logging enabled”

Improper Administrator data access and/or manipulation of databases:- For example, copying/deleting/renaming databases at the basic operating system level on a live server as opposed to using the administrative tools. An example is copying a database file from a live server to a device not seen by the Domino server. The resulting file can be corrupt due to in flight transactions not yet applied to disk resulting in an inconsistent state.

Resource allocation and configuration issues:
- Hitting a resource limitation on a live server (running out of disk, memory, handles, etc) results in runtime faults that deny Domino to opportunity to  properly flush databases and bring the server to a consistent state.
  • Hardware
  • issues. Disks, I/O controllers

Solution:- To gain optional recovery from corruption there are two main aspects with respect to the style of transaction logging installed on the server.

Restart recovery:- All types of transaction logging provide this. After a crash this allows the inflight transaction that were not flushed to disk to be applied to the databases and bring the databases to a consistent state.

Archival Logging:- The enabled the most extensive form of data recovery that includes restart recovery and point in time recovery for restored databases. This mechanism allows lost content to be restored. Please refer to the transaction logging documentation for further information.

May be possible this is not enough to handle all this, For perfect NSF file recovery you can install Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery Software in some following steps:-

  • Double-click StellarPhoenixLotusNotesRecovery.exe file to start the setup process.
  • The Setup - Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery dialog box opens. Click Next.
  • In the License Agreement screen, select I accept the agreement option. The Next button will be enabled. Click Next.
  • In the Select Additional Tasks screen, check the required check boxes. Click Next.
  • In the Select Destination Location screen, provide the path by using Browse button where the setup files will be stored. Click Next.
  • In the Start Menu Folder screen, provide the path by using Browse button where the program's shortcuts will be stored. Click Next.
  • In the Ready to Install screen, review the settings. Click Back to change settings. After     confirming the settings, click Install.
  • The Installing screen shows the installation process.
  • Once software will be installed user can use this to recover data from from corrupted NSF file.