Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lotus Notes 'file already Exists' Error? Repair Bookmark.nsf File

If you’re an admin/user of IBM Lotus Notes, you had surely faced file already exists error when launching Lotus Notes Client. But have you effectively encountered what is the root cause of this error message and how you can resolve this issue?

Here in the post I am sharing the main causes which prompts file already exists error in Lotus Notes and the solution to fix the problem.

Root causes of 'File Already Exists' Issue

The main cause is corrupt bookmark.nsf file. It is the most significant configuration files in Lotus Notes which frequently start working when you launch Lotus Notes application. But user cannot access the file because it is already corrupt. So Lotus Notes try to create a new bookmark.nsf file so that it can resolve the error itself. But again, the file is previously created in Lotus Notes, that’s why you get file already exists message on your screen.


Here I am taking one scenario where a non-roaming user only uses the tiled workspace, and bookmark.nsf file has been deleted on his Lotus Notes client. In this case, Lotus Notes can create itself a new bookmark.nsf file with help of bookmark.ntf. But if the bookmark.nsf is corrupted, the only way to resolve it by rebuilding the new bookmark.nsf file.

So, below are the steps which can be followed to rebuild corrupt bookmark.nsf file-

·         Close Lotus Notes client and start Windows Explorer.

·         Locate the bookmark.nsf file and rename it to bookmark.oldk

Now just start Lotus Notes application and you’re done! The new bookmark.nsf file has been recreated, and now you can do the setting changes for 'homepage' to favorite values.

However, the above the solution resolves the issue for mostly cases but if you couldn’t resolve it by simply rebuilding the bookmark.nsf file, maybe the local perweb.nsf file is corrupt.

So, we’re the doing the same process (for recreating perweb.nsf) as we did above to rebuilt bookmark.nsf file.

Steps to repair Lotus Notes perweb.nsf by recreating it

·         Start Lotus Notes and set browser to Notes or Open Notes. Once you’ve all done, exit Lotus Notes.

·         Open Lotus Notes Data Directory and look for perweb.nsf file.

·         Once you find it, just rename the file and restart the Lotus Notes application.

·         Now open the browser which you had set in first step. By opening a web page, Lotus Notes will automatically recreate perweb.nsf file.

That’s it. By following the above solution you can fix Lotus Notes errors. But firstly, it is recommended to check which root cause is responsible for this error, either bookmark.nsf corruption or perweb.nsf corruption. Then only process the solution.

In the above scenario I’ve taken a non-roaming user, but what to do if that is a roaming user? In this scenario you will have to run few more steps to resolve this error.

Contact helpdesk or administrator and ask them to temporary disable roaming for your Lotus Notes account and all PCs where the application is installed. Once they’re done, you can follow the above procedure to resolve file already exists error.

But don’t forget to enable the roaming again, as it will be needed to recreated bookmark.nsf file.

Hope, the solution will resolve your Lotus Notes error issue.