Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Resolving Lotus Notes Client Error: 'Database is corrupt'

IBM Lotus Notes is the desktop client option that can be used for e-mailing, instant messaging, calendaring, contact management, etc. and to access local and server (Domino Server) applications and data. The standard container for data in Notes architecture is NSF or Notes Storage Facility. These files contain 'notes' as the basic unit of data storage. 'Notes' can get inaccessible and unreadable for many reasons, including NSF file corruption. NSF files are regarded as local databases and require NSF File Recovery on getting corrupted. Following is one of the possible scenarios and a frequently occurring error message that indicates that the local database of Lotus Notes is corrupt.

Suppose you use Lotus Notes for important e-mail conversation with your business clients. But one day, when you try to open one of the relevant NSF file created within Lotus client, it doesn't behave as expected. The file cannot be opened and on each attempt of opening the file, it gives the below error message:

“Database is corrupt -- cannot allocate space”

Similar error can occur on trying to close the database.


Among other reasons, the most probable reason for the above error to occur is corruption of NSF file of Lotus Notes client.


Corrupted local databases of Lotus Notes can be repaired using 'command prompt' versions of server database maintenance tools- 'Fixup', 'Updall', and 'Compact'. Their local versions are named as nfixup.exe, nupdall.exe and ncompact.exe. If not available, you can copy nfixup and ncompact from Domino folder to LotusNotes folder and then run using the below set of commands from command prompt on desktop computer:

nfixup c:lotusnotesdata(filename)
nupdall -r c:lotusnotesdata(filename)
ncompact c:lotusnotesdata(filename)

You may be prompted to enter the Lotus Notes password to run these commands. Also, keep in mind to backup the file in issue to avoid any post consequences.

In case, the above utilities fail to repair the corrupted NSF file, you need to use a third-party Lotus Notes Recovery software. NSF File Recovery tools are high-end programs designed to scan and repair corrupted Lotus Notes NSF files with effective algorithms.

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