Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fixing “Server error: file is in use by another program” Error

Are you encountering an error message when you attempt to access the data (e-mails, calendar, contacts, shared documents, and more) saved in NSF files? If the answer is 'yes', then in most cases your NSF file is corrupted or damaged. Few main causes for NSF file damage are virus infection, application malfunction, and operating system corruption. An ideal way to overcome NSF file corruption error message is by restoring the file from an updated backup. However, if the backup file is unavailable, then you need to execute three ('Fixup', 'Updall', and 'Compact') server maintenance tools. However, if these tools also fail to repair a logically damaged NSF file, then you will need to opt for an effective third-party NSF File Recovery software. Below is one such such scenario that explains NSF file corruption and its repair.

You use Lotus Notes as your desktop client and have created a NSF file that stores critical information related to your clients. The file was working as expected, until one day you encountered the underneath error message:

“Server error: file is in use by another program”

After the above error message appears, the file could not be opened and the data saved in NSF file can not be accessed. In addition, the same error message appears every time you attempt to access the NSF file.


The root cause for the occurrence of above error message is corruption in NSF file.


To resolve the above error message and to access the data saved in the NSF file, you will need to run the underneath set of commands on the command prompt:

nfixup c:lotusnotesdata(filename)
nupdall -r c:lotusnotesdata(filename)
ncompact c:lotusnotesdata(filename)

While in most cases, the above steps resolve the error message and make the NSF file accessible, there are certain situations when these steps fail to resolve the problem. In such cases, you need to restore the file from an updated backup. But, in the absence of a valid backup, you will need to repair the file by using an effective third-party NSF File Recovery application. Such Lotus Notes Recovery tools scan, repair and restore the NSF file, irrespective of the reason for its logical damage.

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