Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Repair a Corrupted Lotus Notes (NSF) File?

IBM Lotus Notes is the client side of collaborative, client-server application by IBM. This is an integrated desktop client that enables connecting and collaborating with IBM Lotus Domino Server and accessing business e-mails, applications, and calendars. In Notes architecture, the standard container for data storage is NSF (Notes Storage File). Just like any other application, the files of Lotus Notes can also get corrupt and thus cannot be accessed. For the reason that NSF files often contain business crucial data, having a Lotus Notes Recovery tool that can repair and restore the corrupted notes becomes inevitable.

Problems that commonly occur with Lotus Notes client and can corrupt database file are:

(1) Unexpected power failure

(2) Corruption in the header of NSF file

(3) Application issues

(4) Virus infection

(5) Interaction with a incompatible program

(6) Operating system problems

(7) Checksum mismatch

Lotus Notes is used as an end-user e-mail client in organizations and since it is collaborative in nature, there are a wide number of areas for its implementation. However, NSF files are susceptible to corruption and data loss is likely to occur due to above reasons.

You are prompted about corruption in Lotus Notes files with an error message. When corrupted, these files when accessed or opened can produce any of the following or some similar error messages:

(1) Error compacting Mail\x\xxx.nsf: Database is corrupt.

(2) NSFDbOpen: File 'file_name.nsf' is CORRUPT - Now Read-Only!

(3) Database is corrupt -- cannot allocate space

If corruption is minor, you can try compacting the database to resolve most of such issues. However, in cases when corruption has been extensive, you can delete corrupted NSF file, provided a good backup of all required e-mails is available.

To get you data back in cases of backup unavailability, you should run a third-party NSF File Recovery utility. These are specialized products designed to scan a corrupted Lotus Notes file and restore original data at a safe location. Lotus Notes Recovery software are easy-to-use tools with well-documented procedures.

For secure and complete data retrieval, use Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery software. This is a simple, and highly interactive utility with powerful NSF File Recovery features. Supporting Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x, this utility can restore all e-mails, calendar entries, journals, to-dos, attachments, and other file objects.