Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lotus Notes Recovery from File does not exist

First we need to understand about Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes was originally created by Lotus Development Corp. in 1989 but in 1995 IBM obtained Lotus and it came to be known as the Lotus development division of IBM. Thus it became the part of the IBM Software and Systems Group. Main components of Lotus Notes are email, business applications, address book, programming, calendaring and scheduling, web server and database. It facilitates user a single point of access for everything.

Basically Lotus Notes is a desktop application to communicate and manage database on user's workstation. A typical Notes client "workspace" keeps the record as icons for local databases as well as the number of databases that are available on one or several Notes servers. You can keep these icons together so both remote and local data can be at same place.

The application Server of Lotus Notes is IBM Notes Domino server. Additional feature of Domino server is that it can interact with any other application such as Apache, Java servlets, IIS and JSP Pages. Because of this feature of Domino Server you can embellish your environment by using other technologies.

User of Lotus Notes are very much familiar with this error :-

File does not exist”

Cause:- There may be several reason for this error, some reasons are as follow:-
You are trying to open a file that really doesn't exist, that may have moved somewhere or has been deleted accidently.
Solution:-If the file is in removable area you can restore or replace it
Cause:- Some logical error such as you used semi colon in place of comma
Solution:-Recheck the file name and try again to find it.
Cause:- Your network connection has been lost
Solution:-Refresh your network or check network connection.
Cause:-If the error occurs on start up
Solution:-Make sure key files nlnotes.exe, notes.dll, nlnotes.dll exist in the Notes program directory. If these files are not available then you can copy them from another running system but it should be the exact release of Notes that you are running. If it is not working than it will be better that you re-install Notes client.

After re-installing, still if you are facing same problem than use Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery Software. It is a comprehensive utility that effectively repairs damaged and corrupted Lotus Notes database. This NSF File Recovery software provides its enhanced support to Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, NT4(SP6). Its free demo version is available.