Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Lotus Notes Recovery can be done?

Lotus Notes is a collaborative client-server application developed by IBM in 1989. It is an integrated desktop client that connects and collaborates with IBM Lotus Domino Server. Lotus Notes allows user to access business e-mails, applications, contacts, attachments, appointments, events, tasks, journals and calendars. Lotus Notes (LN) is one of the earliest applications that is designed to work on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac and can be accessed by LAN and WAN users. File that Lotus Notes support for data storage is NSF that gets stored on the system files on your Windows-based computer.

Like other email applications Lotus Notes also gets corrupted with end number of logical and physical errors such as:

  1. Corruption in the header of NSF file
  2. Hardware and software malfunctions
  3. Unexpected power failure
  4. Checksum mismatch
  5. Operating system problems
  6. Virus Attack etc.

From the above all reasons any one can be the cause for corruption in Lotus Notes. Corruption in Lotus Notes means corruption in NSF file. After corruption in NSF file all emails, attachments and other applications becomes inaccessible. At that time you need a professional NSF file recovery software.

When NSF file becomes unreachable and you are trying to open data, it can produce any of the following or some similar error messages:

Error compacting Mail\x\xxx.nsf: Database is corrupt.

NSFDbOpen: File 'file_name.nsf' is CORRUPT - Now Read-Only!

Database is corrupt -- cannot allocate space

These errors show that Lotus Notes is not able to read data from the NSF file. For Lotus Notes recovery in such critical situations, you need to restore the database from the most recent backup. You can do one more thing.

            fixup -f (This causes Fixup to check all documents in the database.)

compact -i -c -d -K (ignore errors, copy-style, delete view indexes, set large UNK table)

updall -R

If corruption is minor, you can compact damaged database to resolve most of these issues, or in cases when corruption has been extensive, you can delete corrupted NSF file. In this way you can atleast have data of available emails. But if the problem still exists then you have to switch to a professional third party tool.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery software is the perfect solution for such type of existing problems. This software supports IBM Lotus Notes versions 7.x and 6.x and compatible to work on Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000 and NT (SP6). This software itself provides option to search NSF file and repairs all emails, attachments, calendar events etc. Risk free demo version facilitates user to view the preview how software retrieves data from damaged NSF file. The extensive feature of this software is to facilitate the user to save recovered data at user preferred location.