Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lotus Notes Recovery under the instances of abrupt power outages

Lotus Notes have NSF file as a repository for all the business information. The NSF database file contains all the user data, meta data and design information. Originally created by Lotus Development Corporation, Lotus Notes was later on acquired by IBM. Lotus Notes is a popular email client application that includes business emails, calendar, tasks, feeds contact management and much more.

Analogous to other business email applications, Lotus Notes feels the heat of database corruption or damage under various circumstances. This creates a situation of data loss and stands in need for Lotus Notes Recovery.

A frequent happening that is the primo factor for NSF file corruption is unexpected power outage. Disasters, either man-made or natural can create a situation of power loss rendering the NSF file documents unsaved.

Consider a situation when a user accidentally shuts down his computer while the Lotus Notes application is running in the background and the file currently worked on does not get to be saved. The NSF file becomes corrupt and can not be accessed later on, causing loss of cardinal data such as important emails or attachments.

Lotus Notes application has an Autosave feature to recover unsaved documents in such cases of power outages or unplanned system shutdown. This NSF file Recovery features saves the documents that are being worked on currently in a local encrypted application file. Once the work is completed, the file is removed from that location.

Autosave feature can be enabled either manually or automatically.

1.To activate this feature manually, open a document. Click File -> AutoSave -> AutoSave Now.
2.For automatic activation, click File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Client Configuration. Choose Autosave every x minutes. Then specify the interval in which all the in-progress documents should be saved.

To recover the documents that you saved using the AutoSave feature, click File -> AutoSave -> Recover AutoSaved Documents. Click Close.

This excellent feature helps recover the unsaved documents for Lotus Notes. But if the file gets corrupted, then Lotus Notes Recovery using professional third party tools becomes imperative. A powerful software is “Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery”.

This indigenous tool repairs and restores the NSF file items such as emails, contacts, notes, journals, calendar entries, attachments etc. This adroit Lotus Notes Recovery tool is compatible with IBM Lotus Notes 7.x and 6.x and works with Windows 7/Vista/Server 2003/XP/2000 and NT4(SP6).