Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lotus Notes ID file throws different error messages

Lotus notes ID file is the only file used to check the Notes user or Domino server. Without the Notes ID you fail to enter the Notes application. Domino administrator creates the Notes Ids. Notes ID is also important to install the full client. Without Lotus Notes ID file, you cannot access Notes servers with a full client. For security purpose, Notes ID is used. But at times, you stuck into various problems. Like, data of the Lotus Notes application becomes inaccessible for you. Number of technical reasons are responsible for these problems. Do not go with the reasons. Just try to focus to Recover Lotus Notes mailing application and for recovering it, no better option is available other than a Lotus Notes Recovery tool.

Let's consider a real example. When you try to connect to server with the help of a Lotus notes e-mail client, an error message is received:

“Error updating local ID file: The information in the supplied certificates from the Address Book entry is out of date.”

Data of the Lotus Notes mail database cannot be accessed.


Above error is caused in Notes client every time a problem is faced in updating an ID file. Possible conditions are discussed below in which above error occurs:

(1) The public key stored in your Lotus Notes ID file is more updated than the Person document public key. In other words, your Person document public key does not match the  Lotus Notes ID public key, which is more recent.

(2) ID information  is not in sync with the Country Address Book and requires updation.


Solutions are discussed in an effective manner as per the cause:

(1) From Notes ID file, copy the public key and paste the public key into "Notes certified public key" field on Certificates >> Notes Certificates of Person document.

(2.1) Open Country Address Book on the server which contains the affected mail file, for e.g, (D12MLxxx) and open the affected ID entry.

(2.2) Exit Lotus Notes client and restart it.

If by doing above crucial steps the error gets resolved, then it is well and good. If not, the corruption might have crept-in, and you should opt for a third-party Lotus Notes Repair tool. Several tools are available that Repair Lotus Notes database  quite easily. Data of the mail objects, such as To-do, calendar-entries, Inbox, and various others gets easily recovered with these specialised Lotus Notes applications.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0
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