Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rectify Lotus Notes exception with the help of a Lotus Notes Recovery tool

Receiving error messages in Lotus Notes application is a common experience. Lotus Notes e-mail client some times exhibits unusual behavior. Instead of providing you right to access e-mail application, it starts throwing different error messages. These error messages makes you unable to use Notes e-mail application. This all happens because Lotus Notes application becomes corrupt. In order to overcome such situation, a third party Lotus Notes Recovery tool can be used to Recover Lotus Notes database.

Let's consider an error message that appears on the screen when you try to open Lotus Notes Client in your system but you fails with an error message that utters like same as written below:

“An error has occurred in a Lotus Notes application. Data about the error is being collected for your company's help desk for use in error analysis. The Lotus Notes application will close when data collection is complete ".
After getting above error message, data of the Lotus Notes client cannot be accessed.


Above error message is caused because Lotus Notes e-mail application is corrupt. Due to corrupt Lotus Notes e-mail application, data cannot be accessed. In order to Recover Lotus Notes, you need to find out the solution.


For resolving above error message you need to follow the below steps:

Take a exit from Lotus Notes application. Delete the log.nsf and cache.ndk files from the location C:\notes\data directory.

(2) Start Lotus Notes application again.

(3) Perform a break down of Lotus Notes application.

(4) Install Lotus Notes application again.

If problem gets solved by doing above steps, then it is fine. Otherwise, use a third party Lotus Notes Repair tool to Repair Lotus Notes e-mail application. Such tools recover all its mail-objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, appointments, journal, tasks, calendar-entries, To-do, and more. For searching out the tool, you do not need to do some extra efforts. Just search on Google. You will get a number of tools that are specially developed to recover Lotus Notes application. These tools do not demand for sound technical skills.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0
is a highly-commendable tool used to Recover Lotus Notes and all its objects. It restores the file into a location that can be easily detected by a host operating system. The tool performs Lotus Notes Recovery of Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x. The tool provides a Live update option to install the recent software updates. The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Server 2000, 7, 2003, and NT (SP6).