Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fix 'Maximum Request Length Exceeded' Error while Migrating Lotus Notes to Outlook

In today’s corporate world, every organization requires an ideal email client as an efficient communication medium. And Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are the two most important email clients that have the maximum influence. So if an organization is using Lotus Notes email client, and if they are required to migrate NSF files into PST file format, then situation becomes more difficult in this case during the migration of large sized NSF files to PST file format. 

There is an exclusive service offered by Microsoft for migration called ‘Microsoft Transporter Suite’ to easily export users mailboxes from Lotus Notes Server to MS Exchange Server. But sometimes this utility fails to provide exact result as expected, even fails during large sized NSF file migration; and displays the following error message:

         "The message was migrated without the attachments. This error might be due to configuration limitations on the server.
 Error details: Maximum request length exceeded."

Cause of error: Actually the reason is simple, Web services does not migrate data or attachments which are larger than default size limit i.e. 4MB until and unless any additional configuration is made.  But you can easily get out of this situation by making some changes in the settings. To setup this, you just need to increase two variables: input stream buffer threshold value and the execution time-out period.

Resolution of error:
Follow the below steps to accomplish this target:
a)      Open the Web.config file located under the following directory:
 drive:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\exchweb\ews
b)      In the Web.config file,  add the following line after the tag:
      <httpRuntimeexecutionTimeout="1200" maxRequestLength="51200" />
c)       For your information, executionTimeout attribute is in seconds which indicate the maximum number of seconds that a request can run before ASP.NET automatically stop the request. The maxRequestLength is in Kilobytes (KB). Both of these attributes should be configured according to your environment need.
d)      Then save the changes, and close the Web.config file.
e)      Finally, Restart the World Wide Web publishing service.

As you have followed the steps mentioned above, you can assure of increase in the input stream buffering threshold value. Now, if you want to migrate the 4MB size email from Lotus Notes Server to MS Exchange Server, there won’t be any issue in migration.

 But if the same problem still exists, then you must use a trusted and reliable third party tool for easy and hassle free email migration.  Use Stellar NSF to PST Converter utility for efficient conversion of .nsf files to usable .pst file. There are many user oriented features which makes it a well-known renowned product among all the software available in the market. As this software is user friendly, it performs the whole conversion process in just few clicks.