Friday, September 21, 2012

Resolving RRV Bucket Error in Lotus Notes Database

IBM Lotus Notes is becoming one of the best choices among the big industrialist because of its unique and advance features. Its Notes Storage provides options to create custom application and also a lot of space to keep files and folders. Although it offers a secure and flexible platform to its users for effectively work with their data. But, it is also possible that the Lotus Notes database (NSF) file may be corrupted due to any of the following reasons:

Dirty shutdown of a system
Operating System Issue
Lotus Notes interacting with incompatible program
Failure of hardware component
NSF file header corruption
Application or software malfunction

One more reason of the corruption in Lotus Notes data is damaged RRV bucket. The abbreviation of RRV is Record Relocation Vector. It is a kind of table that points to the Notes in Lotus Notes Database. When this vector corrupted, an error message “RRV bucket is corrupt” appears on the screen. Generally, this error pops up when you try to open the mails and this RRV bucket attempts to locate specific notes or object identifiers in the Notes database. RRV is considered badly damaged when the database fails to open any objects for creating new replica.

Depend upon the severity of corruption in RRV bucket; you can try to recover data with the help of Domino Server database. Once RRV bucket is damaged, you can’t repair it via Fixup, compact, updall and other replaced commands. You will encounter the same error again and again. In this situation, to repair the NSF file or Lotus Notes database effectively, you can use a most recent backup copy of database or a third party Lotus Notes Repair application.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is the most efficient and effective solution to recover data from all corruption scenarios. This software is quite simple to run and do not require sound technical skills. It is highly effective NSF file repair that safely repairs corrupt NSF files created in IBM Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x.