Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to solve Lotus Notes Error "Error: "RRV bucket is corrupt"?

Like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes email application is also used to manage the day by day communication as well as personal data. It helps to effectively manage e-mails data, calendar events, tasks, business/personal meeting appointments etc. While working with Lotus Notes email application there are many situations where you experience data inaccessibility issues due to some unwanted error messages such as PRV bucket error. The foremost cause of this error is corruption in database and after which you need to repair lotus notes database files in order to fix this error.

There are many instances, responsible for the corruption in Lotus Notes database. So what is "RRV bucket is corrupt" error? It is a common error faced by the users of Lotus Notes/Domino Server application. The RRV, stands for Record Relocation Vector, is a database table that works as a pointer to find out the specific data within the database file. It stores the information with their NoteID and helps to locate the items for the specific Notes within a database file. Issues in template based database can give the birth to this error. This problem can be solved by changing the design of Lotus notes database on another E-mail server. This error also indicates that the data stored in database is severely corrupted. In order to solve this issue, you may try the following methods:

1) If you have good copy of database backup, try to restore it.
2) If backup does not exist, you can run fixup -f", then "compact -c -i" command on the database.
3) In case, above said commands also do not produce accurate results then you should use a third party Lotus Notes Recovery software to repair and recover the corrupt or damaged database items.

There are many third party tools present in the market which help the users to repair and recover the data from damaged Lotus Notes. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is one such trustworthy application which helps to fix the corruption or any other issue in Lotus notes database.