Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolving Lotus Notes error message Database is not fully initialized yet is received

Have you ever faced a situation when you are not able to initialize the Lotus Notes file? If yes, this article is quite useful for you. When Lotus Notes file can't be initialized, data that resides in it becomes inaccessible. Many methods to prevent issues related to Lotus Notes data loss are available. Backup can also be used to recover data that you are unable to access. A simple and viable option to go for a third party Lotus Notes Recovery tool to comprehensively Recover Lotus Notes data is also available.

To exemplify the above issue, let's consider an error message. When you attempt to open a Notes database, you get the following error message on the screen:

“Database is not fully initialized yet - database does not contain any views.”

Database can be opened locally on the server, but cannot be opened from the server's client. If you try to do this, you will surely get an error message as mentioned above.


The reason for the above error message is  “Enforce a Consistent Access Control List Across All Replicas of This Database” option (available through Advanced Options >> File >> Database >> Access Control) is unselected.  This is also the reason for local access. Another reason for the occurrence of above error message is the corruption of Notes database. Database gets corrupt because of reasons, such as fatal virus attacks, operating system malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, etc.


To solve above error and perform Lotus Notes Recovery, follow the below steps:

(1) Open database locally on the server and select Design >> Views from the left column. On getting all the views in the database,  modify each view by following these steps:

(1.1) Open the view in design mode.

(1.2) Select Design >> View Properties to open the InfoBox.

(1.3) Select the Security tab and specify the “May be used by” field. To give access to everyone listed in the ACL for that database, select, “All readers and above” checkbox.

(2) If the above methods do not resolve the problem, run Update -R to fix up the database.

(3) You may also run Fixup on the database.

(4) If these methods do not help, create a new replica.

You can also make an OS copy of the database.

(6) If above methods do not work, then it is better to opt for third party Lotus Notes Repair tools. These tools Repair Lotus Notes database and restore it. Integrity of the data is maintained because of read-only and non-destructive conduct in nature. You do not need to have a prior recovery experience to use these tools.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0 software can Recover Lotus Notes database and allow you to recover mails, journals, To-dos, calendars entries, contacts, and attachments. Data gets restored in a new NSF file as per your user-intended location. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, and NT (SP6).