Monday, November 29, 2010

Resolving Error "Unable to send mail, multiple matches found in the name and address books."

You exchange important business and personal information in Lotus Notes by sending and receiving mails. When sending mails from Lotus Notes you need to make use of replication option. By clicking replication option, you receive all the mails in your Inbox instantly. Same is the process for sending the mail. But many times failure occurs and denies the sending of important mails from Lotus Notes application. The reason behind such failure is corruption in the Lotus Notes .nsf file. Therefore to resolve such problems comes the need of a third party Lotus Notes Recovery software which can easily Recover Lotus Notes database and enable the sending of the mail.

Consider an error message, that disables you from sending mails to your Lotus Notes e-mail client:

“Error:Unable to send mail, multiple matches found in the name and address books.”

After getting above error message, mail that you want to send from Lotus Notes application cannot be sent to the receiver.


This error message occurs when using an application in the Lotus Notes Client that is sending email. It generally arises when you have a copy of a name in the personal address book as well as the normal names.nsf on the server.


One way to resolve this error is to change your location settings. This can be done by following some useful below mentioned steps:-

(1) First edit your location to change your location settings. At the bottom right corner of your screen there is an envelope icon and to the left of that there is a word usually it is Office.

(2) Then you click on that and select Edit Current, you will see the location set up document.

(3) Now click on the Mail tab.

On the field captioned “Recipient Name Lookup:”, change this to “Stop after first match.”

(5) Save and Close.

(6) Again try the above mentioned steps.

However if the above solution doesn't show appropriate results, then you must go for a suitable third party Lotus Notes Recovery Tool.

Number of tools are available in the market that are specially meant to Repair Lotus Notes database. After performing NSF File Recovery with a suitable software you can easily your important mail to desired receiver. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0 is one such software.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0 is a powerful Lotus Notes Recovery utility that makes an application free from .nsf file corruption. After recovery, the tool saves data in a new file at new user defined location, and saves all the mail-objects such as attachments, appointments, contacts, calendar-entries, tasks, and journals in it.