Monday, June 28, 2010

Fixing “Document NT00000AAA in database is damaged..” Error in Lotus Notes

Are you facing serious corruption problems with Lotus Notes database file? Is your NSF (Notes Storage File) file inaccessible and unusable due to corruption? Well, file corruption is a pretty common problem that may affect all kinds of files. The most frequent reasons of corruption are virus infection and application malfunction. At this stage, a valid backup of NSF file proves great help. But, if it is not updated or not available at all, Lotus Notes Recovery becomes need of hour.

As a practical example of NSF file corruption, you may come across any of the below error messages when you try to fix the corrupt NSF file using 'Fixup' tool:

(1) Database fixup process started
Performing consistency check on mail\filename.nsf...
Document NT00000AAA in database is damaged: Field length stored in document is incorrect (Field Body, Datatype 0001)
Document NT00000AAA in database has been deleted

(2) Document NT00000AAA in database is damaged: Document has invalid structure
Document NT00000AAA in database has been deleted

(3) Database is corrupt -- Cannot allocate space

This behavior of Lotus Notes database file occurs on both non-clustered and clustered systems. In such cases, you need to figure out the cause of this problem and Repair Lotus Notes database by fixing it, to gain access of your mission-critical data.

Root of the problem:

As stated in the above error messages, this behavior is caused due to corruption to the NSF file. NSF file corruption could be the outcome of application malfunction, improper system shutdown, virus infection, file system issues, user errors, and other similar situations. Corruption can also occur if 'Allow Soft Deletions' option is enabled.


You can try out any of the below methods to try fixing this issue:

(1) Disable 'Allow Soft Deletions' option.

(2) Run Updall -R command-line tool, followed by Fixup -F -J utility, on corrupt Lotus Notes database.

(3) Restore corrupt NSF file from the current and valid backup. You can restore entire NSF file or some of the require objects from it.

In case the above methods fail to work, NSF File Recovery using third-party tools is the only way to fix the issue. The applications use highly effective and advanced scanning techniques to Repair NSF File in all corruption scenarios. They are totally secure and simple to use.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is the most comprehensive utility to repair and restore damaged NSF file. The software is designed for IBM Lotus Notes 7.x and IBM Lotus Notes 6.x. It extracts all inaccessible objects of NSF file, such as Emails, contacts, attachments, appointments, journal, To-Dos, and calendar entries.