Monday, December 29, 2014

Migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365

The number of migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365 is increasing very rapidly more than ever. The reason could be distinctive Lotus Domino management, lesser preference, or the popularity of cloud based Office 365. Thus that is why big to small organizations are shifting from Lotus Notes to cloud based Office 365. 

 So below is the Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration plan which you can follow to decline Lotus Notes and move on to Office 365. Follow the migration plan-

1. Take backup and create new Mailboxes

Before you start the migration of NSF file to Office 365, make sure that you have the backup of all the mailboxes. You can create the backup of Lotus Notes .NSF files using an IMAP server as manual methods are not secure. Also create new mailboxes for migration to Office 365.

2. Enable IMAP on Lotus Domino

        I.            Select Domino Administration and click configuration, and open the server file which runs IMAP service.
      II.            Now enable default TCP/IP port. Change the port value and Enable sets field from the mail IMAP column.
    III.            Click save and Exit.

3. Connect with IMAP Connector

For synchronize emails in Office 365 from IBM Lotus Notes, use IMAP connector.

4. Limitation of Migration through IMAP Server

  •   Verify that Lotus Notes client is able to connect to internet if Notes client is behind firewall and proxy's setting. 
  •       Sometime Lotus Notes client might be fail so it doesn’t permit making IMAP connection. 
  •    Another limitation is that IMAP connector doesn’t allow transferring calendar entities, so one has to execute it manually. 
  •    And manually calendar entities transfer process may take more time if bulk of calendar entities has to be transfer. 
  •    Another drawback, 1 GB is the maximum data limit if migrates using IMAP connector. 
  •   Offline data doesn’t migrate to Office 365 using IMAP protocol. It only migrate online data to Office 365. 
  •   High expertise is also needed as one has to perform numbers of complex filters.
Alternate method for migration in Office 365 from Lotus Notes

Migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365 could be typical, and oversize Lotus Notes elements cannot be migrate as data limit is only 1 GB if migrates using IMAP connector. So overcome the difficulties, limitation, and typical migration process; it would be better to use a professional migration tool.

Stellar NSF to PST Converter is the one of the most reliable and primary tool for NSF file to Office 365 migration. You can download and check its features over here. With this migration utility, you can migrate any size of NSF file data to Microsoft Office 365. 

Apart from migration, you can also use this tool to convert your NSF file to Outlook PST, PDF, HTML, and other format.

Try this tool; it is really helpful to move from Notes to Office 365.