Thursday, February 27, 2014

Domino Server 9.0 Social Edition – Features and Modifications Overview

In the article we will read latest modifications and features included in the latest version of Domino server. IBM’s Domino version 9.0 is the most trending application of these days with the tag #socialedition. We will also learn about new Domino Administrator functionalities that are compatible with IBM Notes upgrade. 

The OpenSocial component is embedded as a new feature, it provide social exposure to the user. The OpenSocial component makes the third party process directly available in client mail using social and web features. The component is supported by iNotes Widgets (application that bring outside information to Notes, generally situated in sidebar) and LiveText (It is used to recognize crucial information provided by Widgets by highlighting). It is also loaded with OpenSocial 2.0 Gadgets in sidebar and pop-ups facilities.

Enhanced Fault Analyzer Task:
The Fault Analyzer Task has been modified by involving disposition value. Due to the presence of disposition value the fault reports are arranged in a unique fashion to better understand the in-depth of the issues. 

Introduction of Database Maintenance tool:
With the latest version, IBM introduced a Database Maintenance tool for user mail files. Using this new technology user can perform multiple administrative tasks on database files on daily or weekly basis. The tool performs all the important tasks expected from a database management tool that provides a well managed user account.

Replication and Compacting are also available:
 The new compact feature allows user to create a replica in the background while compacting. The compacting is a technique to compact the database in Domino server. Using Replication a new replica is automatically created and remains accessible, except during the actual file re-synchronization. 

Quality of Service feature:
Qos is specifically designed to keep the Domino Server active and functionally reliable 24*7. In case the QoS detect that Server is not responding or it is down, it immediately terminates and restart the Server. The log file of QoS is major source of information for analysis by IBM customer support.

Features included in Server:
The well known IBM http server (IHS) server module is compatible with Windows only. However IHS can now be access from the same system as Domino Server and it also supports Transport Layer Security. The main purpose of running IHS on same computer as Domino http server is to make use of Transport Layer Security protocol.

Security Features:
IBM Lotus is specifically very concerned about the security aspect of the user’s data. It has been observed that Notes and Domino is dedicatedly focused in developing mechanism that assure user about the safety of their data. Let us understand few more modifications done by Lotus in terms of strengthening the security.

Introducing Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2):
The federated identity mechanism of Notes and Domino uses SAML technology for sign-in process. Using this mechanism user is made to authenticate once with a designated identity provider (Idp). After authentication user is allowed to access any server that is collaborated with the Idp. SAML authentication technology can be utilized by both Notes and Web client.  The Idp functions on the principle of asking password just once and providing access to the user to almost all server available on the Idp network.

However it depends on the Idp technology whether to prompt for a password or not. If it is not asking for any password then the technology uses a mechanism of Integrated Windows authentication for the user but the condition is enforced that the user must be available on the intranet.
The Secure Hash Algorithm uses encryption mechanism to ensure safety. The SHA-2 is approved and accepted by Federal Information Processing Standards. The mechanism is used for X.509 certificate signature verification and S/MIME signed email and also with Notes Domino password encryption.  

Introducing Widgets
The Widgets will be enabled by default on iNotes clients and this feature will control other Widgets application. However for Notes clients, enabling of Widgets will be done through preference settings.

Conclusion - All the above mentioned features are the latest modifications of IBM Domino version 9.0. Among all the features OpenSocial is the most eye-catching feature of new Domino and eventually Notes users are highly impressed with the update. Overall it seems IBM is coming up with all new ideas to retain the old users of Domino those are thinking to migrate fromDomino to Exchange in order to keep them dilemma free.