Monday, July 30, 2012

How Did I Fix "Context toolbar not found." Error in Lotus Notes

Have you ever faced a situation in which you are trying to work with Lotus Notes e-mail application and come across an error message that looks exactly same as given below?

"Context toolbar not found."

Well, I have faced the same kind of error message while working with Lotus Notes e-mail client. Presence of this error message have made the important data of my Lotus Notes e-mail client inaccessible for me. I was not able to access the data contained within a Lotus Notes e-mail client. The situation was quite annoying as the error message appears every time whenever I used to work with Lotus Notes application. I was quite upset after seeing such kind of behavior. But, I did not lose hope. I tried to find out the cause and solution in order to overcome such problem. Therefore, I started surfing the Internet and was successful to found cause and solution to this problem.


On searching, I came to know that above error message is caused if a predefined context sensitive toolbar is absent in the outline in bookmark.nsf where toolbar data is saved. This recognizes a damaged bookmark database.


To solve this issue, I manually tried to change the design of your local bookmark.nsf file, that helps to restore the toolbar outline. For doing the same, I have selected the Bookmarks icon on the Notes workspace. Then, choose File > Database > Replace Design. From the dialog box named as Replace Design that appeared I have choosen the checkbox named as “Show Advanced Templates” and the Bookmarks template appeared in the box above. I had select it and chosen the Replace button. I also came across a fact that such error or variants can also occur when the
Bookmark.nsf includes custom design elements that were flagged to avoid refreshing or replacing. In order to solve it, I have closed the Notes client and edit the notes.ini file. Place the entry, "BookmarkDesignReplaced=0", and reset 0 to 1for its value.

However, still I did not get any results. But, I did not lose hope. As, I was aware about the fact that database corruption may also be the reason. So, in order to handle the corruption of Lotus Notes database, I made a search on Internet for solution. I was lucky that I have found a large number of third party Lotus Notes repair tools.