Monday, June 4, 2012

Your guide to Convert NSF to PST

NSF to PST Converter is a must have for professional users who are looking to migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. The need to convert from IBM Lotus Notes to MS Outlook might be switching from one organization to the other, migration of the organization itself from Lotus Notes to Outlook or for backup purposes.

Applications that can convert Lotus Notes to Outlook can help migrate from one email platform to the other with ease. If done erroneously, there is a strong possibility of data loss. In order to convert NSF to PST, both the applications must be installed either onto the source or destination computer system.

One way to carry out this process is to install Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes onto the source computer and convert NSF files to Outlook PST. Once the conversion is complete the other application can be uninstalled. Another work around is to install both Notes and Outlook onto the destination computer and convert the NSF file data into PST. After the completion of the process, remove the other application.

How to Convert NSF to PST

Carrying out conversion on the source computer:

1.Install Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook onto the source computer which already has Lotus Notes installed.
2.Run the MS Outlook for the first time and enter some genuine or fake settings to configure the account.
3.Once the installation is complete, install a copy of a NSF to PST Converter tool.
4.Launch the third party application and perform the conversion by choosing to create a new PST.
5.After the process completes successfully, a new PST file will be created at your specified location. Move that PST into a USB drive and take it to the destination computer where Outlook is installed.
6.Launch MS Outlook from the destination computer and import the newly created PST file.
7.Once you have got all the data, remove Outlook from the source computer.

Carrying out conversion on the destination computer:

1.Copy the desired Lotus Notes items such as emails, contacts and archives into a USB or movable memory drive.
2.Download and Install Lotus Notes client application from IBM onto the destination computer.
3.Install Notes and perform the basic configuration required for setting up the client.
4.Install a copy of the NSF to PST Converter tool.
5.Start the application and convert NSF file into PST. Since, MS Outlook is already installed and configured onto the destination computer, you can choose to either create a new PST or append data into an existing PST.
6.Once the conversion process is complete successfully, Lotus Notes application can be uninstalled.