Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Resolve Lotus Notes Error “An Error Occurred While Opening a Window”

While working on Lotus Notes you may get different errors. These errors may halt your work and even results in some serious data loss situations. The main reasons behind these errors are database corruption, virus infection, or improper use or termination of the system or the Lotus Notes client. To recover from these errors you can use different tools like Fixup, Compact, Update and NT Check Disk utilities. These tools are provided by IBM but does not guarantee successful recovery in every case of Lotus Notes corruption.

Let's consider a practical scenario:

Suppose you are attempting to launch the Lotus Notes application but it fails with the error message.

“An Error Occurred While Opening a Window.”

This error will not allow you to open any window in Lotus notes application.

Reason: The reason behind this error is that Lotus Notes was not closed properly in last session and it have some processes running in background. Hence it can not be started again.

Resolution: To resolve this issue you just have to stop all the processes that are running in background. To do so either you have to restart the system or you can manually kill all Lotus Notes processes.
One other method to kill all the running Lotus Notes processes automatically is to run Killnotes.exe utility.

Follow below steps to run lotus notes utility:
1.From Start menu select Run.
2.Type the following command c:program fileslotusnotesnsd.exe –kill
3.Press Enter.

This utility will kill all the process used by Lotus Notes. After the process gets completed a result box pops-up that shows the count of killed processes.

Now you can open Lotus notes without any problem.

But if you you used KillNotes utility and still getting same error message and not able to open Lotus Notes you can use third party Lotus Notes recovery tool that will repair the database and make all your mailbox content accessible.